SolTeeth play
The whitepaper is an evolving document and as such there may be information within that is updated or changed throughout development. Last updated 02.02.2022
SolTeeth play is an NFT game built on the Solana blockchain, that is part of the ‘play to earn’ metaverse. SolTeeth play, players will be able to connect their NFTs as a heroes. Players will then use their heroes to battle other players in a collectible card game. By simply playing the game, players will automatically participate in our player based economy by collecting tokens as rewards for completing tasks, winning battles, and tournaments. Players will be also able to increase more SolTeeth NFT heroes, and trade all of these as NFTs in our marketplace. Our main cryptocurrency behind SolTeeth will be $SolT. This is a multifunctional governance token which will be allocated during private and public sales, with certain proportions set out for the core team, for staking rewards and for the community treasury. There will be a portion of $SolT that can be earned by players as part of playing the game, and $SolT will also be pivotal in performing various marketplace transactions for NFT trades.
The SolTeeth metaverse gives everyone in the SolTeeth universe the opportunity to earn:
  • If you prefer to play - take part in battles, improve your NFT, enjoy the game and earn
  • If you are an investor - use farming and mining and get passive income.
  • If you are opinion leader or blogger, run contests, create awesome content and use the affiliate program
  • If you are game developer, artist, designer or writer, join our team and expand the SolTeeth universe with us
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